FEHRMANN is a world-leading expert for pressure-tight windows for shipbuilding, plant construction and civil engineering. Our windows – both custom made and large series production – meet the highest safety level for extreme demands like pressure tightness, flood protection, protection against driving rain and high winds, and resistance to freak waves. We have contributed to many of these standards, no wonder, especially since the German Industrial Standard’s ship-window committee was co-founded and is still managed by owners of our company today.




Best of FEHRMANN Windows

  • Innovative sliding windows as reparations for France after World War I

  • Strong wave- and bullet-resistant windows for the yacht club in Cannes

  • Pressure tight vertical sliding windows (world first) for the large yacht M/S Christina from Onassis

  • The unique elliptical reversible wings in the facade of the Elbphilharmonie

  • Development of the world first flushline glass sliding door for mega yachts

  • Development of unique high-strength special windows and portholes for the research vessel MS Polarstern

  • Development of the worldwide unique fff window system – monster wave resistant, pressure-tight and cost-efficient, quick to install

  • Watertight windows that kept the Bundestag in Bonn dry during the 1970 floods


fehrmann fff Fenster

fff the new standard window for shipbuilding

The first ship window against freak and strong waves. It combines maximum safety with low weight and – due to the patented clamping system – minimum installation costs.


Fehrmann WINDOWS Schiffsfenster

Windows for shipbuilding

Research vessels, shipwreck rescue boats, mega yachts, naval ships and other specialty ships – we develop and manufacture high-tech specialty windows at the highest level.


Fenster für Hochbau

Windows for structural engineering

Secure protection against wind, weather and water under extreme conditions – we develop individual specialty window solutions for flood areas, towers or monuments.


Fenster für Anlagenbau

Windows for plant constructions

Pressure-tight, maintenance-free safety components made of stainless steel, light or heavy metal. We supply customized window solutions and individually adapted products from our modular system.



Towing hook

Knief safety towing hook designed for many years of use under extreme conditions. We manufacture these marine towing hooks and also carry out the regular inspections.



That's what our customers say:

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"I appreciate Fehrmann as business partner because of their technical expertise and problem-resolution approach to fulfil client's requirements." 
– AGP sGlass

"Fehrmann - a top partner to always keep the overview."
– Gasbehältertechnik Jenschek GmbH