Safffety first.

From the worldwide quality and innovation leader for pressure-tight windows comes an innovative new window that is popular with shipyards, designers and shipowners alike. fff reinforced ship windows are only installed in the vessel’s hull once the ”hot work” is finished. This eliminates various timeconsuming and cost-intensive problems. The fff windows are much stronger and lighter than conventional products. That’s why people trust fff windows wherever it matters: On the extremely seaworthy lifeboats of the legendary German Maritime Search & Rescue Service (DGzRS) for instance, which are equipped to cope with heavy weather. On police boats and navy vessels with the maximum safety standards, where no one can risk a mistake. At trials for naval standards (MIL-S-901 & MIL-STD-167) with shock and vibration tests, where the windows were subjected to more than ten times the Earth’s gravitational acceleration, they fulfilled all the requirements. fff reinforced ship windows keep freak waves and polar bears out – and the costs down!

+ 600%

The patented fff window system is guaranteed to be up to 600% stronger against failure than ISO 3903 windows. And in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, no screwheads can break off the frame and injure people, for the simple reason that there are no screws.

- 80%

The clamping system developed in-house cuts installation costs by an average of 80% and makes installation considerably easier.

1 bulkhead outside, 2 clamp, 3 clamping screw, 4 fff frame, 5 Glas-holding frame, 6 Pane of glass 

- 70%

The fff window system reduces the risks of damage and delays as
–> it is installed without hot work and after all hot works have been completed,
–> it is fitted in a single step (frame and glass), and
–> can be installed flexibly depending on the progress of construction.

- 85%
upgrade costs

fff is the only system on the market to enable simple replacement or an upgrade of the complete windows while a vessel is in service, without any hot works.


fffabulous idea

  • The windows are fitted in a single step, thus minimizing the risk of broken glass.
  • The frame cannot bend or warp, as there are no hot works involved.

  • The fff window has a fairly low weight compared with a welded frame.

  • fff windows are made of lightweight aluminum; thanks to the c lamp system, they are perfect for fitting into steel bulkheads too.

  • no welding or drilling

  • higher tolerances acceptable on window openings

  • large selection of frames and glass

  • maximum visibility – thinner window mullions possible

  • without black border on the glass - with or without corner radius

  • complies with all relevant rules and regulations

  • no screwed joints – no corrosion

  • less danger of injury in the event of damage

  • manufactured and tested in compliance with ISO 3903

  • patented


Build more flexibly and save up to 6.000 EUR per window set.

We’ve always built the best windows in the maritime world, and we’ve headed the German Industrial Standard’s ship-window committee since it was founded over 50 years ago. So it’s no surprise that we knowhow to develop and manufacture high-performance windows that cut costs, avoid risks and save time.
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