TriAlCo and FEHRMANN Sign Landmark Licensing Agreement for AlMgty®

TriAlCo and FEHRMANN Sign Landmark Licensing Agreement to Produce AlMgty®, Revolutionizing the Aluminum Industry in North America

Chicago, December 2023 – In a significant stride towards international expansion, TriAlCo, a leading North American aluminum manufacturer, and FEHRMANN, a renowned innovator in aluminum alloys, have announced a pioneering partnership. Jay Armstrong, President of TriAlCo, and Henning Fehrmann, CEO and Chairman of FEHRMANN, have officially signed a Know-how and License Agreement, marking a new era in aluminum manufacturing and distribution.

Innovative and Sustainable: The AlMgty® Advantage

AlMgty®, developed by FEHRMANN, is poised to redefine the standards in automotive, aviation, electronics and consumer electronics. This cutting-edge alloy is notable for unique strength and elongation while corrosion resistant and anodizable in color, able to save weight by 20 to 30% without compromising on strength, making it an ideal choice for industries seeking lighter and more efficient materials. Its production using 100% hydropower ensures the lowest carbon footprint, aligning it with the global pursuit of environmental sustainability.

Economically, AlMgty® stands out for its potential to reduce costs by over 10%, attributable to leaner component designs, decreased material usage, and lowered production expenses. The alloy's versatility extends its applicability across various industrial processes, including casting, extrusion, and additive processes, making it a highly adaptable solution for diverse applications.

TriAlCo's license to market and produce AlMgty opens a new chapter for innovative foundries across the USA, Mexico, and Canada, introducing a robust and sustainable domestic supply chain for this groundbreaking material.

This agreement empowers TriAlCo to market and produce AlMgty® under license, offering innovative foundries in the USA, Mexico, and Canada access to this groundbreaking material.

“AlMgty® is not just a product,” says Jay Armstrong, President of TriAlCo. “it's a catalyst for change in the aluminum industry. Its unique blend of strength and ductility, sustainability, and efficiency sets a new standard for what our clients can expect.”

Henning Fehrmann, CEO and Chairman of FEHRMANN, adds:  “Our collaboration with TriAlCo is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability. AlMgty® is the result of years of research and development, and we're excited to see its impact across North America. It is a milestone for our internationalization.”

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